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Podcast Audio Editing Service

Enhance your podcast audio from £35 per hour

I make your podcast audio sound better!

Hello – I’m Ryan, an audio mixing engineer from Cambridge. When I’m not mixing music for a variety of bands I’m usually editing podcasts for brands and podders. I use the skills I gained from mixing singer’s vocals to mix podcasts instead!

My podcast editing service is very simple. I’m here to make your audio sound as good as it can be through a variety of editing techniques. I’ll minimise any unwanted noise, reduce hiss, enhance the EQ, smoothen the dynamics and more.

1-2 Days turnaround per track
Feedback & tweaks included
Pay when you’re happy
Spotify ready
£35 per hour episodes
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RCD Audio - Music Producers Guild Member

Transform your audio

My editing process is designed to make your audio sound as flawless and professional as possible.

What’s included in the editing?


Mix multiple audio files together (intros, outros, multiple microphone sources)


Volume matching & compression for even playback


Noise, hiss and sibilance (harsh “sss” sounds) reduction


Full EQ of your voices for a radio-ready sound

RCD Audio - Mixing & Mastering Engineer Cambridge

FAQs about podcast audio editing

Using the form below, send over your audio along with any reference notes (alternatively you can email me at [email protected]). I’ll work on your audio and then send you back a sample. If you’re happy I’ll send you my invoice and once paid I’ll then forward you full final files.

Typically in WAV format, but if you need a different format like MP3 then just let me know.

At the end I’ll send you your full final audio file in WAV format (or other if you prefer).

Once you’ve heard a sample of your audio and you’re happy that’s when you’ll receive my invoice.

Get started

Submit the details of your podcast using the form and I’ll come back to you ASAP to confirm your request. Alternatively if you have a question feel free to email me at [email protected].

    About me

    Professional Audio Engineer in Cambridge

    At the young age of 14, I began my journey in music production using just two cassette stereos with built-in microphones. Inspired by The Beatles, I started experimenting with double tracking vocals to achieve that iconic sound. Since then, my passion for sound experimentation has only grown stronger.

    In 2007, I pursued my love for music by studying it at university. During this time, I conducted orchestras and graduated with highest honours for songwriting. While I am skilled in playing multiple instruments, my expertise lies in guitar playing, and I have even shared my knowledge as a teacher. Throughout my career, I have played in various bands, collaborating with both independent artists and labels, and have performed at shows of all sizes.

    In 2019, I made the leap to becoming a professional audio engineer. Having worked on numerous projects across music, film and radio for friends over the years, I have developed a deep appreciation for the craft.

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