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Professional music mixing services

Mixing services at £75 per track

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Professional Audio Mixing Engineer in Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire

Online audio mixing services for home studio songwriters

Hello, I’m Ryan – I specialise in supporting musicians & bands who record at home but need help mixing their tracks to a professional standard.

I know how frustrating it can be when the sound in your head is not what’s coming out of the speakers. We’ve all been there: butchering the EQ or endlessly wandering through presets trying to find the right level of compression.

My job is to take that burden away and make your recordings sound as professional as possible. Using a host of different tools and technologies I’ll help you get the sound you’re looking for.

The process is very simple. We can discuss your project and what sound you’re after. Then, send over your audio files and I’ll mix (& master) your song.


How does it work?


Get in touch.

Tell me about your project and the sound you want.


Send files.

Label, export & send over your WAVs.


Mix & master.

I’ll then get to work on your song.



Hear your song & feedback.



Receive the final HQ copy of your track.


Per track for everyone.

Get a better mix

Getting more from home studio recordings

Having been there myself in years bone by I know that there are certain areas of mixing that home studio musicians can struggle with. These are the areas I pay particular attention to:

Getting full & rich sounding vocals

Making midi drums sound like authentic drums

Balancing bass lines in the mix

Creating thick sounding guitars

Reducing unwanted noise and hiss

Making your vocals radio ready

To get rich and thick sounding vocals is possible even with limited equipment. Using a number of sophisticated tools and mixing techniques as well as an experienced ear, I can help to transform ordinary sounding vocals into radio-ready tracks. I can also help with vocal tuning (auto-tune).

Autotune services

Mixing preparation

How to prepare your audio files

Correctly preparing your audio files for mixing is really important but also very easy.

  1. Label your tracks & files correctly e.g. “Vocal – Main Vocal”, “Drums – Hi Hats”
  2. Remove any plugin effects unless they are integral to your sound.
  3. Export all your files as full length WAVs i.e. if your song is 3 minutes long but you have a guitar solo between 2:00 and 2:30 your guitar solo audio file should still be 3 minutes long but with silence on either side of the part.

Once you’ve prepared your tracks you can use WeTransfer to send them over.

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Helping home studio musicians

Specialist mixing genres

I’ve mixed tracks across a range of different musical genres, but below are some of the specialist areas I have more experience with:

  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Acoustic
  • Americana
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Atmospheric
Listen to samples
Kelly - The Virtuals

“Hugely impressed with the quality of the mastered tracks RCD Audio produced for our band. The finished sound was really rich and meaty and the service highly professional. We will absolutely be using Ryan for our future recordings.”

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