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Music Mixing Services

Professional grade mixing for £100 per song

Affordable mixing engineer for independent & signed artists

As a professional mixing engineer I know that achieving the perfect mix can either make or break a song. With over 100 projects under my belt, I’ve had the privilege of working with both independent and signed artists, taking their songs to the next level.

My mixes have not only helped artists secure record deals, but they have also been featured on TV, BBC Radio and landed spots on Spotify editorial playlists. While this might sound like bragging, the truth is, I just genuinely enjoy working with artists from all backgrounds and genres regardless of level.

I understand the frustration that comes with not being able to achieve the sound you envision in your head. We’ve all been there, struggling with EQ adjustments or constantly searching for the perfect compression setting. My role is to alleviate that burden and make your recordings sound as professional as possible. With a wide range of tools and technologies at my disposal, I’m here to make your music sound as incredible as it deserves to be.

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5-7 Days turnaround per track
Feedback & tweaks included
Includes mastering
£100 per song
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RCD Audio - Music Producers Guild Member

Latest work

Getting a better mix

As a versatile music producer, I have a passion for exploring various genres such as pop, rock, indie, electronic, dance, garage, experimental, atmospheric, and many others. Having experienced the challenges faced by home studio musicians in the past, there are specific areas I can focus on to help you overcome any difficulties and achieve a great sound.

Getting full & rich sounding vocals

Balancing bass lines in the mix

Adding warmth and vintage feel

Making midi drums sound like authentic drums

Reducing unwanted noise and hiss

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FAQs about mixing services

Yes, for mixing EPs or albums I recommend that we mix your songs one at a time. This ensures you’re happy with the style of direction.

Correctly preparing your audio files for mixing is really important but also very easy. Firstly, make sure you label all your tracks clearly e.g. “Vocal – Main Vocal”, “Drums – Hi Hats”. Secondly, remove any plugins unless they are integral to your sound. Thirdly, export all your audio files as WAVs but also make sure they are all the full length of the song. Finally, if you have multiple vocal takes spanning over many stems, try to ensure that they are cut down to a maximum of 3 stems. Once you’ve prepared your tracks you can use WeTransfer to send them over.

These days I mostly use software. It’s quicker, more efficient and more affordable to you. It’s also now incredibly good. I have previously used vintage equipment, but the software plugin equivalents are just as good and if not even better because of their reliability. Sometimes I may use hardware and particular equipment, but often software just works better.

Yes! My mixing service includes mastering too – so you are ready to go.

A specialist in mixing home studio recordings

As a professional mixing engineer, I’ve worked on various projects covering a host of different music genres all with varying budgets. My expertise lies in helping musicians and songwriters who record at home and need an expert touch to elevate their mixes to professional standards.

From making your vocals sound full and punchy to creating more depth in your mix, I can ensure that your home recordings sound polished and professional.

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RCD Audio - Mixing & Mastering Engineer Cambridge
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