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Vocal Pitch Correction Services

Enhance your vocals for £35 per track

Affordable vocal tuning (autotune) services

As a fellow singer, I understand the importance of having flawless vocals on our tracks. Even the smallest off-key note can bother us, even if no one else notices it.

I have experience in improving the vocal tracks of various artists by making precise adjustments to pitch and timing. This helps to enhance the overall flow and emotion of their performances.

Whether you need subtle refinements or extensive pitch correction, I can help enhance the vocal recording of your track.

1-2 Days turnaround per track
Feedback & tweaks included
From subtle to extreme
£35 per track
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RCD Audio - Music Producers Guild Member

Latest work

“Autotune” – A dirty word: Why your vocal might need tuning enhancements

Should you add pitch correction or not? Is it bad musicianship if you do it? Not all vocals need tuning enhancements, but modern vocals and certainly pop vocals, often do need vocal tuning and timing adjustments. There are valid reasons for this:

Older recordings from some of the greatest artists like Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Aretha Franklin have moments in their songs where their vocals are out of tune, but it adds character and emotion. To most people the out-of-tune elements are unrecognisable as being out-of-tune. That can be down to the recordings only having organic instrumentation rather than any synthesizers where the pitch is exact.

For example guitars, double basses and pianos could all be a bit out of tune from one another but modern pop songs with synthesizers, keyboards and computer generated music are exact – Therefore if the vocal is slightly out of tune it is much more noticeable.

There are other reasons to use pitch correction too. Listeners have arguably become more tuned in to on-pitch vocals. In other words they are used to hearing perfectly tuned vocals, so much so that if a vocal is slightly out then it may poke out even more than decades previously. Also, modern recordings usually have the vocals pushed very forward in the mix and so compared to older recordings off-pitch notes are much more noticeable.

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