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Online Vocal Pitch Correction Services

Affordable online vocal tuning (autotune)

Hello, I’m Ryan – An audio and mastering engineer as well as a vocalist. Being a singer myself, I know that we care how our vocals sound on tracks and we can squirm at the slightest out-of-pitch note regardless of whether anybody else can hear it.

I’ve helped to enhance a variety of artists’ vocal tracks, using my knowledge to make adjustments to pitch and timing issues to help improve the flow and emotion of a performance.

From minor subtle tweaks to T-Pain levels of pitch correction I can help to enhance the vocal recording of your track.


How does it work?



Get in touch and send over your vocal & backing track.



I’ll start tuning your vocal.



Within 7 days you’ll get a sample of your track – If you’re happy then this is also when you pay for the goods!



I’ll send you a final HQ copy of your track.


Per track for everyone.

Why pitch correction is OK!

Why your vocal might need tuning enhancements

Should you add pitch correction or not? Is it bad musicianship if you do it? Not all vocals need tuning enhancements, but modern vocals and certainly pop vocals, often do need vocal tuning and timing adjustments. There are valid reasons for this:

Older recordings from some of the greatest artists like Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Aretha Franklin have moments in their songs where their vocals are out of tune, but it adds character and emotion. To most people the out-of-tune elements are unrecognisable as being out-of-tune.

While some might argue that their talent and performance level was higher than today’s standards the other argument is this: Those recordings had only organic instrumentation rather than any synthesizers where the pitch is exact.

For example guitars, double basses and pianos could all be a bit out of tune from one another but modern pop songs with synthesizers, keyboards and computer generated music are exact – Therefore if the vocal is slightly out of tune it is MUCH more noticeable.

Why pitch correction is OK!

Forward mixes highlight slight errors

There are other reasons to use pitch correction too:

Listeners have arguably become more tuned in to on-pitch vocals. In other words they are used to hearing perfectly tuned vocals, so much so that if a vocal is slightly out then it may poke out even more than decades previously.

Modern recordings usually have the vocals pushed very forward in the mix and so compared to older recordings off-pitch notes are much more noticeable.

Audio preparation

How to prepare your vocal audio files

Correctly preparing your vocal audio files for pitch correction is easy.

  1. Label your tracks & files correctly e.g. “Vocal – Main Vocal”, “Backing Track”.
  2. Remove any plugin effects.
  3. Export your files as full length WAVs i.e. if your song is 3 minutes long but your vocal begins at 0:30 then your vocal file should still be 3 minutes long but with silence up until 0:30.

Once you’ve prepared your tracks you can use WeTransfer to send them over.

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Kelly - The Virtuals

“Hugely impressed with the quality of the mastered tracks RCD Audio produced for our band. The finished sound was really rich and meaty and the service highly professional. We will absolutely be using Ryan for our future recordings.”

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