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Audio Mastering Engineer in Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire

Affordable online mastering services for everyone

Hello, I’m Ryan – An affordable mastering engineer helping artists and bands get a better professional sound from their songs easily and affordably.

Mastering your music is the final process in the songwriting journey. Your tracks need to naturally sound loud, with an enhanced sonic landscape and glued together without any harsh peaks. Using a number of tools as well as my experienced ears I offer an affordable mastering service for anyone no matter how young or old to the music game you are.


How does it work?



Tell me about your project & submit your tracks.



I’ll start mastering your tracks.



Within 7 days you’ll get a sample of your track – If you’re happy then this is also when you pay for the goods!



I’ll send you a final HQ copy of your track.


Per track for everyone.

Why do you need to master your tracks?

Mastering is often seen as a dark art but here’s what it comes down to:


Your songs need to sound naturally loud. I’ll reference your music along with other well known tracks so it retains energy and loudness.


Whether it’s widening the mix or adding aggression, your track needs to show off your performance.


Reducing unwanted frequencies so that you’re not scared to turn the volume up.


Ensuring all your tracks sound like they’re from the same artist.

Affordable mastering

Mastering for home studio songwriters

Whether your ultimate home studio mix needs a final shimmer or you simply want to make your demos sound stronger, there’s no judgement from me on your tracks as I’ve been in those shoes myself.

I know that sometimes home studio mixes may not always be the most pristine but we’ve all had to start somewhere. Plus, the time and effort you’ve put into mixing your tracks means that they deserve that final professional engineering polish to help give your tracks that extra shine.

When I first started mixing my own tracks 15 years ago, I wanted to have the ability and control of how my mix would sound. This wasn’t only just a great creative step but also a cost saving one too.

But with getting those tracks professionally mastered afterwards it meant that: 1. Those tracks were formatted correctly for CD (and now streaming!) 2. A professional could clean up and tighten my mix 3. They could also bring out much more of the tracks sonically than I ever could.

Get Your Music Mastered

Playlist ready

Mastering for Spotify and streaming services

Getting your audio tip top for Spotify and other streaming services is absolutely crucial. While Spotify itself will help to level out volume levels as different tracks play, ensuring your audio reflects the guidelines (while still being loud!) is really important to ensure your music has the best chance of getting shared and playlisted.

Specialist genres

Guitars, stars and occasional sitars

While I’ve supported musicians across a variety of different styles here are some of the genres I’m more familiar with:

  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Acoustic
  • Pop
  • Americana
  • House
  • Chill-out
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Mastering for live performance recordings

More and more artists are recording their live performances and using the material for special releases – which, is great for artists who often now need to be releasing more tracks more often.

Many artists use a straightforward Zoom H1 microphone set at the back of the room to record their performance – or even sometimes just a phone. The great thing with these recordings is that they are so raw, real and emotive. But, sometimes the quality can be a bit low – there may be low rumbles, muffled bass guitars and even, dare we say, a quiet applause at the end!

It’s my job to make sure the recording sounds as good as the way you performed it on the night (completed with a well deserved applause!).

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Kelly - The Virtuals

“Hugely impressed with the quality of the mastered tracks RCD Audio produced for our band. The finished sound was really rich and meaty and the service highly professional. We will absolutely be using Ryan for our future recordings.”

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FAQs about mastering services

How many revisions can I have?

More often than not the track may hit the nail on the head for you first time, but if there’s something missing for you we can take a look. My rule of thumb is this – if we’re going passed 3 revisions then there is likely to be a wider issue at play, probably from the original mix. If I think there’s something that affects the overall master and you have access to the original mix then I’ll ask you to see if it’s possible to tweak it prior to mastering.

Why is it only £25 per track?

The top mastering engineers require higher fees – and rightly so, as they have decades of experience and incredible high end equipment costing tens of thousands. If you have the budget as well as an excellently mixed track this is your best option. But if you don’t have a sizeable wallet then I can help. Working from my home studio, my overheads are smaller, with a range of multiple software tools and plugins. I may not have the extensive portfolio and Grammy-award-winning highlights of the greats, but I do have a degree in music as well 15 years experience performing in bands, playing alongside artists and writing and recording songs. Plus, I love what I do and I want to help out other musicians without breaking the bank.

Instant mastering vs human ear mastering?

There are a lot of ‘instant online mastering’ services which use algorithms to turn your mix into a final master. In my experience, these services are great at obeying some of the mastering rules like basic limiting and compression but are very poor when it comes to bringing out the character, energy and soul of a performance. Often their master may sound quite bland. The human ear however can detect emotions – this is what I look for when listening to a track. I’ll ask myself questions like – how does that bass drum affect the power of the song? When the drop or chorus comes in does it have enough impact? How wide should the spectrum be? Where in the music may there need to be some automation to lift certain sections? These questions can’t be answered by an algorithm (not yet anyway!).

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