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Music Mastering Studio

Elevate your sound for £35 per track

Affordable mastering engineer for independent & signed artists

Hello, I’m Ryan, a Mixing & Mastering Engineer dedicated to helping independent and signed artists achieve a professional and exciting sound for their songs. I have experience working with a wide range of genres and styles, and I love bringing out the unique soundscape in each artist’s work.

Having worked on over 100 projects, I have helped artists secure label deals, gain national radio exposure, and land coveted spots on Spotify’s editorial playlists. But what really drives me is collaborating with artists from all different backgrounds, regardless of their level or genre. From pop to rock, indie to electronic, dance to garage, and even experimental and meditative music, I am committed to making your music sound as exceptional as it deserves to be.

Mastering your music is the final process in the songwriting journey. Your tracks need to naturally sound loud, with an enhanced sonic landscape and glued together without any harsh peaks. Using a number of tools in my mastering studio as well as my experienced ears I offer an affordable mastering service for anyone no matter how young or old to the music game you are.

Send me a message and let’s work together.

1-2 Days turnaround per track
Feedback & tweaks included
Pay when you’re happy
Spotify ready
£35 per song
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RCD Audio - Music Producers Guild Member

Latest work

Why do you need to master your tracks?

Mastering is often seen as a dark art but here’s what it comes down to:


Ensure your songs have a natural and powerful sound. I will compare your music to well-known tracks to maintain its energy and loudness.


Enhance your track’s performance by adding depth and intensity to its mix.


Reduce unwanted frequencies and turn up the volume without fear.


Achieve a cohesive and consistent sound across all your tracks, creating a signature style that reflects the identity of the artist.

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FAQs about mastering services

Yes, if you have 4 or more tracks that you need mastering for an EP or album then I recommend that we look at 1 track first anyway. This is so you are happy with the style of mastering before committing to the rest of your tracks.

In most cases, the track will likely be perfect for you on the first try. However, if there’s something that doesn’t feel right, I’m here to help. My general guideline is that if we go beyond three revisions, there’s probably a bigger issue at play, likely originating from the original mix. If I believe there’s something affecting the overall master and you have access to the original mix, I may ask you to try tweaking it before we proceed with mastering.

Your audio file ideally needs to be in WAV format with around 6db of headroom – this means the master fader doesn’t peak above -6db too much.

The top mastering engineers require higher fees – and rightly so, as they have decades of experience and incredible high end equipment costing tens of thousands. Working from my home studio, my overheads are smaller, with a range of multiple software tools and plugins. I may not have the extensive portfolio and Grammy-award-winning highlights of the greats, but I do have a degree in music as well 15 years experience performing in bands, playing alongside artists and writing and recording songs.

There are a lot of ‘instant AI online mastering’ services which use algorithms to turn your mix into a master. While these services excel at following basic mastering rules, such as limiting and compression, they often fail to capture the true essence, energy, and emotion of a performance. The human ear, on the other hand, can discern these intricate details that bring a track to life. When evaluating a song, I consider elements like the bass drum’s power, the impact of the drop or chorus, and the width of the spectrum. Additionally, I explore where automation can be used to enhance specific sections. These critical aspects cannot be accurately addressed by an algorithm.

A specialist in mastering home studio mixes

As a professional audio engineer I get to work on a range of different music across many different genres, but also with many different budgets. There’s no judgement from me with regards to the perceived sound quality. In fact, I’m a specialist in supporting the many musicians and songwriters who record and mix themselves at home but then need a final expert’s touch to ensure the best quality.

Whether it’s mastering your track to a more conventional EQ curve or even just reducing unwanted noise, I can help to ensure your home mix sounds like it was professionally studio recorded.

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RCD Audio - Mixing & Mastering Engineer Cambridge

About me

Professional Mixing & Mastering Engineer in Cambridge

At the young age of 14, I began my journey in music production using just two cassette stereos with built-in microphones. Inspired by The Beatles, I started experimenting with double tracking vocals to achieve that iconic sound. Since then, my passion for sound experimentation has only grown stronger.

In 2007, I pursued my love for music by studying it at university. During this time, I conducted orchestras and graduated with highest honours for songwriting. While I am skilled in playing multiple instruments, my expertise lies in guitar playing, and I have even shared my knowledge as a teacher. Throughout my career, I have played in various bands, collaborating with both independent artists and labels, and have performed at shows of all sizes.

In 2019, I made the leap to becoming a professional music mixer and mastering engineer. Having worked on numerous projects for friends over the years, I have developed a deep appreciation for the craft. I take great joy in supporting fellow musicians and helping them bring their artistic visions to life.

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