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Audio examples

A selection of artists I've worked with

I’ve been fortunate to support a range of wonderful artists across a variety of different genres. I love helping home studio musicians and artists get quality masters ready for streaming and airing on radio.

I’ve mastered tracks across rock to house and cinematic to acoustic. Below are some mastering examples from artists I’ve worked with. Make sure to check out the artists too!

Electronic / Rock

Custard Dream - "Back in the Room"

Artist from Cambridge UK who created music in their home studio and needed their 5 tracks sounding punchy, uniformed and bringing out the bass synth.


Ian Boyle Blues Band - "I'm A Man"

Award-winning blues band who were looking to get that raucous and dirty sound from their mixes. We used The Rolling Stones’ Blue & Lonesome album as a reference point and used tape emulation to get an old-school analogue feel.


Robin Clark-Ward - "House Forever"

Excellent House music artist who needed their track to comfortably sit well along other house music tracks and really punch through the beat.


Keiron Farrow - "Alternate Version"

Talented lo-fi home recording artist who wanted to replicate the air and headroom heard in tracks by artists such as The La’s.

Alternative Rock

The Virtuals - "Hayloft"

Accomplished covers band who needed to get their version of “Hayloft” sounding professional for their social media followers and potential booking managers.

Ambient / Chill-out

Trevor Wilkins - "AT"

Wonderful ambient musician who needed to show off the detail and landscape within their mesmerising chill-out tracks.

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